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Priorities & Faithfulness

It’s safe to say one of the most challenging issues in our generation is the ability to commit: the ability to commit without knowing the next best option. The ability to give an entire year to something even if you aren’t sure what that looks like…because saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else. Which might be the reason why we see some of the highest percentages of singles at this day in age or the divorce rate skyrocketing. When choosing to stand in a commitment to one person, a job or task, or a season of rest we can often find ourselves battling the distraction of “what if there’s something/someone else?”  

Priorities and faithfulness are not something that come easy to a generation full of options. But there is so much value in being a woman who will count the cost and say YES to God’s best for her. It is often the case that we commit to things based on how we prioritize them in our life and not solely based on what we believe God is asking us to do, especially if it means following Him into the unknown with complete trust.

Take some time to read and reflect on the thought below, it is both encouraging and challenging:

“Indecisiveness is an apathetic habit of our culture. We live in a world of infinite options and consequently a prevailing anxiety of fear of missing out. Thus, it’s tempting to approach life with one foot in, to revel in maybes, constantly hold out for better options, and procrastinate decision making until the last minute. But there is maturity and courage that comes from making a commitment. Commitment takes discipline. Commitment requires integrity for follow through. Commitment takes risk, and with that, the potential for reward.”

We are so grateful that you have chosen to commit to this year with FLOURISH! Being in the Word daily along with regular meetings with your mentor have such beautiful potential to be life changing in the best way! We see you living out this same perspective and maturity in your lives and want to encourage you to continue to run the race set before you.

You can do this!