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Whether as a mentor, mentee or if you're ready to offer the women of your church a mentoring program, your FLOURISH journey starts here.

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  • Mentor

    How to be a Flourish Mentor

    Guide women to a life rooted in Jesus and His Word, and grow in your own faith in the process! Get the mentoring tools and support you need for your Flourish journey.

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  • Mentee

    Find Mentoring Tools

    Those who have gone before us can give us wisdom to help us grow in faith and live lives that reflect Jesus. Find out how the FLOURISH mentoring tools, alongside your mentor, will help you live out a higher standard of living rooted in Jesus and His Word — practically!

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  • Church

    Bring the FLOURISH journey to your church

    Flourish Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools to spread the Gospel, rooting women in Scripture and helping them embrace practical steps to flourish according to God’s standards! Find tools here on how to implement your church’s own Flourish mentoring program!

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It’s time for you to FLOURISH

The world is changing and people are changing, but the truth of Scripture remains as the anchor of our lives. As new creations who are alive in Jesus, we don’t only possess the attributes of God, but the human capacity He gave us to FLOURISH! It’s not about having a better life or even becoming the best version of ourselves -- it’s about embracing the new life we possess and walking in higher standards that will lead to flourishing lives, bringing God the glory! (Psalm 92:12-15).

A Scripture-based mentoring journey, FLOURISH is designed to help women grow and flourish by leading them to embrace a higher standard of intentional living, pairing them with mentors who have gone before them and are eager to help them navigate all areas of life. You can grow. You can help someone grow. All you have to do is choose to start the journey!

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