Flourish as a Mentor

A mentoring relationship is born when one woman confidently guides another in the process of viewing her life through the lens of Scripture, modeling a practical lifestyle that displays Jesus and His Gospel.

+ Small Groups

Gain valuable insight from the Flourish Team for utilizing the journey outside of a church-based program.

  • Mentor Training Booklet

    This booklet provides content for mentor training, with key Whys and Hows of the Flourish expression of Biblical Mentoring.


  • Session Goals & Topic Questions

    This document provides the goals of each Flourish session and tips for mentor + mentee meetings.


  • Life Story Timeline

    Have your mentees use this template to summarize the overarching details of their life in order to share her story with you. This is the first step of trust building for a strong mentoring journey!


  • Book Resources

    These resource suggestions from the Flourish Team may help mentors navigate different parts of your mentees’ lives. Seek the additional help as you need it!


Meet Paige

Learn from Paige, an Atlanta-based mentor who has made time in the busyness of real-life to pour into her mentee with consistency and wisdom from those who have gone before her.

The WordMealFlourish book

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