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We are humbled to serve a generation looking for purpose, direction, and a safe place to grow.

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A letter from Shelley Giglio

To the Beautiful God-Seekers and Kingdom-Builders

Hello! As a team who is humbled to serve a generation looking for purpose, direction, and a safe place to grow, we want to say Welcome. We are proud of you. We are with you.

In our devotion to Jesus + in our day-to-day rhythms, we want help learning how to live and serve faithfully in all of our roles as daughters, mothers, friends, wives, professionals, and more. While God has already wired + blessed us with an innate capacity to carry out these roles, we recognize there is so much to learn!

Mentorship wasn’t our idea—it was, is, and always will be God’s idea. Titus 2:3-5 calls women into a God-filled life for the sake of the Gospel and invites us into intentional mentoring relationships so that together our lives can FLOURISH for the fame and glory of Jesus. This calling up into a higher standard of living is the heartbeat and hope of FLOURISH: A Mentoring Journey. A journey that we believe every woman should go on.

As we unpack His Word in the setting of mentorship, may we be blessed with invaluable growth, victory, knowledge, and power, and may we give right back what was given to us so selflessly: the Gospel displayed for all to see in our very lives!

For His fame,
Shelley Giglio + The FLOURISH Team

Our supporting teams


FLOURISH at Passion City Church is passionate about pointing women to Jesus through the power of His Word. A labor of love, this ministry has been shepherded by Shelley Giglio, Daniele Flickinger, Susan Marks, Dani Eng, and Ashlee Campbell.

Our supporting teams


The Grove is a monthly gathering for the women of Atlanta. Hosted by Shelley Giglio and The Grove Team, these gatherings are an extension of what Jesus is doing in and through Passion City Church. During the current pandemic climate, what were once local gatherings have now migrated online for women everywhere to join. This team also offers vibrant episodes of The Grove Podcast, found on all podcast platforms. The heartbeat of The Grove is to encourage women to be rooted in the unfailing Word of God, to learn to flourish where we’re planted, to walk in freedom in Christ and truly live, and to give our lives as shade to the people in our paths. This is The Grove. Learn more and connect with our team at

Our supporting teams

Passion City Church

Rooted in the confession of Isaiah 26:8, Passion exists to glorify God by uniting students in worship, prayer, and justice for spiritual awakening in this generation. From its start in 1995, the Passion movement has had a singular mission—calling students from campuses across the nation and around the world to live for what matters most. For us, what matters most is the name and renown of Jesus. We believe in this generation and are watching God use them to change the climate of faith around the globe. Born out of the Passion Movement, Passion City Church exists to glorify God and to proclaim the name of Jesus to people in the city and the world. Passion City Church is located in Atlanta Georgia, and Washington, D.C, and is led by Senior Pastor Louie Giglio and his wife, Shelley. Learn more and connect with the Passion Team at

About Flourish

The FLOURISH Journal contains curriculum that combines being rooted in the Word of God with intentional mentoring relationships.

FLOURISH Year 1 and FLOURISH Year 2 serve as guides for women sharing the wisdom and encouragement of Believers who are in a different stages of their lives and walks with Jesus.

Year 1 Year 2

Flourish workbook

FLOURISH Stories from You

Krista Williams – Monroe, GA

Three of our churches in Monroe, GA, are part of the FLOURISH Mentoring Journey and we are praying and trusting that God is going to do some significant in our hearts and in our lives this year as we study God’s Word and do life as mentor and mentee. We jumped in during the summer and we are already seeing an abundance of fruit this fall! Thank you, Passion City Church for this valuable resource you’ve put in our hands. It is teaching us to root our lives & relationships in God’s Word. We know that as we do this, we’re going to flourish, our community will flourish, and the Church will flourish. We’re excited and praying for others who will come alongside us and do this journey, as well.

FLOURISH Stories from You

Elizabeth Engelhardt – Middleburg Heights,Ohio

FLOURISH has already created such a sweet time of encouragement and fellowship for the women in our church. We’re so excited to see the fruit that will come by the end of the year and we have so much anticipation for the relationships between mentor and mentee.

We’re hearing from women whose lives were deeply impacted by a mentor and who are now choosing to move into the role as a mentor. They are loving the material/curriculum and already seeing women share from the heart.

FLOURISH Stories from You

Kristine Hunton – Connecticut

We are loving the FLOURISH journey! I’m a stay-at-home mom with four kids, but I felt the Lord calling me to use the time I had available to invest in just one person. He kept placing my babysitter on my heart, who was a newer Christian. When I texted her to ask if she was interested, she responded that she “loved the idea”! I was so excited, but I didn’t know where to start. It was around that time that I came across the FLOURISH Mentoring Journey and I knew it would be perfect! The book easily walks you and your mentee through what expectations we should have of each other and even an outline of what a meeting should look like. It took the guess-work out of trying to figure out what a mentorship should be. The daily devotions are doable for both of us and give room for the Holy Spirit to work. They are easy, yet rich for anyone at any stage of their faith journey! Thank you for letting me be a part of the Flourish journey. It has already been a wild adventure!

The WordMealFlourish book

Let us hear your FLOURISH story!

Do you have a story of how mentorship has impacted your life that you want to share with other like-minded women? Please share your FLOURISH journey with us.

The WordMealFlourish book

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With tried + true methods from the original Flourish Mentoring Journey at Passion City Church, these resources are meant to serve as a guide; not a recipe. We pray your hands remain open as God leads you to establish the program that is right for your unique church and relationships.